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Easy to use with the User interface showing exactly what you are doing and the clash checks happening as you work to ensure a clash free timetable.

Powerful wizards that assist the timetable process using batch processing, Advisers, Usage Charts and statistical reporting

  • Timetables


  • Timetables

    30 years of development with more innovation to come in 2019

  • Timetables

    Publish, ad-hoc room bookings, Calendars and more

Timetabler allows Users to schedule resources to create a clash free timetable.

Timetabler Client is used to manage and schedule resources, such as staff, students, rooms, courses and much more! Timetabler Client will minimise the effort needed and speed up the process of creating your schedules. Forget spreadsheets. They are not designed for timetabling. CELCAT allows multi-user access, and can be used across institutions of all sizes. We have a range of customers from small Registered Training Organisations, individual TAFE Institutes to State wide TAFE deployments and Universities. Timetabler publishes timetables to Calendars and even to foyer screens. Make efficient use of resources providing cost savings.

CELCAT Timetabler Administrator is either a client or web-based application for managing users, roles and access rights. Administrative users are responsible for licensing CELCAT software and configuring Timetabler databases. Integration with third-party applications such as LDAP is managed in Timetabler Administrator. Institution administrators may also impose rules governing how CELCAT applications such as Timetabler Client, Live and Room Allocator and Self Service Portal.

Timetabler Client

Years of experience
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Implementing Client

Every site and customer is different. We project manage deployment to ensure each individual customer successfully deploys CELCAT.

CDS is on site with the customer. We liaise and converse with stakeholders and we make CELCAT work as needed within the limitations of the software. Bespoke work can also be commissioned .

Kaplan Singapore has been working very closely with CDS since 2014 on the implementation of CELCAT Timetabler. Since the full implementation from January 2015, scheduling of our classrooms has been more efficient which resulted in savings from manpower and external outsourcing costs. We are very pleased with the expertise provided by CDS and CELCAT where the system is built to meet our requirements. The excellent ongoing support provided ensures that we can continue to streamline the scheduling and timetabling process to achieve better results.
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