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CELCAT® Scheduling software is a world leader in Timetabling. Timetabling is a science and should not be discounted as not necessary for your education site. A Timetable is not about the quality of the education. It supplements the education process and makes the student experience one that they want to keep coming back to. CELCAT Users maintain control over the entire scheduling process through permission based credentials. Institutions can plan timetables that optimise resources to a high level of utilisation needed in the modern teaching space environment. Construction of a clash free timetable is not easy, but with CELCAT the timetable process will be efficient and effective. Choose between an automated solution, a manual solution or a combination of both. Harness the power of CELCAT automation scheduler to room or even complete the timetable. Resource based constraints will provide the outcome based on factual data.A poor timetable will not attract students or staff .

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Attendance Windows and Web versions can include the ability to mark using competencies in Clustered modules. Live (CELCAT Web) version has immediate attendance percentage calculations, photos and mark history. Remove  paper based registers and use the CELCAT complete electronic solution with instant reporting. Send out alerts when students are absent. Send alerts to staff if their registers not marked and so much more. Web Attendance is fully integrated to CELCAT Timetabler. Creating events creates the registers.

Attendance tracking in CELCAT can produce actual room utilisation based on attendance data. Run Planned vs Actual Reports to see how the rooms are being occupied.



CELCAT Live is the web version of CELCAT Timetabler. (NB: CELCAT Live does not include Automation or Reporting). Timetabler Live enables users to enjoy an interface similar to CELCAT Timetabler Client but within a web browser. Using a web service to deploy timetabling allows organisations to allow access to CELCAT across multiple web platforms such as Windows® and Mac® and conveniently manage upgrades.

CELCAT Live for timetabling allows sites to deploy easily and cost effectively to users on a variety of web browser platforms.



Technical Support has always been paramount to our business. Speak to our customers and they will confirm we are committed to ensuring prompt and efficient service. We will call you or provide on screen assistance.

High level technical support within our territory covers almost 18 hours per day between Australia and UK.

Ask us about ACADEM Software.ACADEM is a solution dedicated to Higher Education institutions that supports them in their qualitative processes. This solution allows both collecting and qualifying faculty data through a unique platform to generate standard reports for accreditations (AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA…) and others statistical reports. CDS is now a partner to RimaOne and supplies ACADEM Accreditation software.



CELCAT Benefits

  • Single Sign On
  • Microsoft® Windows based software
  • Timetabler Live available on web platform
  • Technical support is included in all licence purchases. No extra fees or charges to what your licence is
  • On Site Training tailed to suit institution operations
  • Optional modules can include Attendance or Automation/Exam Scheduler.
  • Microsoft® SQL Server driven for a robust platform
  • Calendar applications including iCAL feed to smart phones keep students up to date with timetable changes
  • Notify students and supervisors on absences if using Attendance
  • Data Store available for Reporting
  • Web API available to customers
  • CELCAT System Integration Manager used for integrating with Student Management Systems (TechnologyOne and others).

CELCAT Resource Scheduling

Getting value for a CELCAT site licence dollar is not just about the price you pay for the software.  In fact, if the comparisons were done that way, CELCAT would be a long way in front just on price alone. Some Student Management Systems(SMS) have a timetabling package included. These are generally poor offerings as it is the SMS that is the flagship not the scheduling package. Our timetabling solution enables TAFEs, Universities or VET sector to optimise resources, monitor staff usage, and improve staff and student information. Integrate to existing SMS using CELCAT System Integration Manager giving the best solution of  SMS data feeding to a full featured CELCAT scheduling system and back. Logging of clashes enables Administrators to see timetable issues and provide advice clashes including accepting or reassigning the clash.